About Us

When it comes to getting away on vacation, no one likes a ho-hum experience. And that’s what Our Destinations Travel is on a mission to help you avoid.

A Travel agency, we are of the opinion should address concerns like: finding affordable vacation hot spots, how to get there smoothly, how to cut cost on transport and accommodation, the type of accommodation available etc.

And the solution to all your worries and even those you never thought important is what you now have in Our Destinations Travel.

Not only do we have Travel Agents in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in both official languages of English and French, we book travel and packages anywhere in the world for any type of traveler. Plus, our resourcefulness in all things hospitality and tourism makes us the top choice for vacation lovers from this part of the planet looking for a seamless travel arrangement.

Started as a father and daughter duo team, Our Destinations Travel is now a fully fledged travel agency committed to providing excellence driven travel services in Weymouth, Nova Scotia including the Saint John area as well. In addition to our incredible in-house travel experts, ODT looks forward to working with amazing talents, businesses, individuals to ensure you get a best-in-class travel experience.

With an extensive experience and expertise in the hospitality industry, expect to have access to an exciting mix of vacation destinations all over the world, where convenience, breathtaking views, and thrilling cultures mix to ensure that no matter where you pick, consider yourself booked for a one-of-a-kind lifetime experience.

Courteous, friendly, and helpful with every client, our services are tailored for families, groups, and individuals whether you’re a thrill-seeker, the holidaymaker, the chill-out and recharge or the get-away- type of traveler, whatever your idea of a dream vacation, we’ve got it all covered- welcome to the party! Get in touch now to get started.